Here below you can find pictures from some of our realised projects of interior design. We also encourage you to visit page interior metamorphosis to see how the same interior looked before and after our designing


In matters relating to new projects and organizational issues 
Please contact us by phone on the number

+48 601 62 47 81 (Bartosz Iskierko)


Address of our office

Art&Design Interior Decoration Design Studio – Interior Designer Kinga Śliwa

Ślusarska 6 C room 110
30-710 Kraków, Poland
Tel. +48 601 624 781,
+48 697 974 500

Additional information

Opening hours:  Monday-Friday  9.00am – 5.00pm.

Due to the specific character of our work – frequent trips, author’s supervisions, we kidly ask You for a prior telephone contact in order to arrange date and time of the meeting in the office.